How do you succeed in the music industry ?

 How do you succeed in the music industry?


 First, embrace new technology. Learn and adapt. The world is changing fast. Technology is rapidly transforming the way we do  everything. This is certainly true of the music industry. Your success as an artist will be online.


 So as an artist trying to sell your music online there are certain issues you need to address.


 Don’t worry too much about recording quality, just get it out there!


 Don’t think that you have to spend thousands of dollars in hiring recording studios. Recording your songs can be done simply with  the devices at hand. Technology has come such a long way so quickly it is now possible to make quality recordings on your mobile  phones! Of course the quality is up to you, so whatever you think is good enough for your fans, go for it! So get your songs out  there. What have you got to lose?


 Who will look after you?


 There are many online platforms to sell music. But which one will give you the best return for your efforts? Closer inspection of  these sites reveals that their signing up procedures and other things can be complicated. And it also reveals that the monetary  return for the artists is quite low (always read the fine print!).




 The Music Equity platform was created specifically to put more money in the hands of the artists quickly.


 Music Equity makes it easy for you. It is free to join and you can create a profile and start uploading songs within minutes. And  when you sell a song the money appears in you PayPal account instantly.


 What are you willing to do?


 Music Equity can help you earn an income from your original songs. Once you have completed your profile on M.E. encourage  friends and family to support you by buying a track or two and to share your profile with their social media friends. If you spend a  little time each day getting the word out through your own networks it will help your chances of success. Promoting yourself this way  costs you nothing. But if you wanted to spend some money you could employ an agent or social media expert to help build a  following.


 Other music sites will not promote you. Even having your own website doesn’t mean people will find you. But Music Equity is in the  process of developing a Hub Support Program that once realised will promote artists both locally and worldwide.(Click here to learn  more).

 Also the web supplies much free information about how to promote your business. By jumping on Goggle for just a few hours and  educating yourself will also help to accelerate your rise to stardom. It depends on your level of commitment and what you are  prepared to do get your talent out there.


 Thinking about giving your songs away?


 If you really believe in your music then don’t fall into the trap of giving your music away.


 The sales from your first songs should allow you to continue to perform and write more music. This will keep you moving forward as  you hone your skills.


 Sometimes artists can be their own worst enemies. Some believe that giving their music away will make them famous and then  money will follow. Sadly this is delusion. Online sites that cater for this mindset make revenue from monthly subscriptions,  advertising and other such income streams. But artists are usually left with nothing. It’s the same old story of artists making money  for other people. In other words, music companies are still finding ways to rip artists off. Music Equity’s aim is to change this. We are  here for you.


 So here is what you should do:


     1.   Make sure your M.E. profile is up to date.

     2.   Get family and friends to get the word out.

     3.   Use your own social media contacts to tell the world.

     4.   Don’t give up.


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